Kytra, your investing assistant

Feel confident building and managing your portfolio with Kytra as your stock market assistant. Receive market insights, see how others invest and manage your portfolio all in one place.

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Daily Insights

Stock insights are generated throughout the day to keep you in the loop on market events. Insights help you make a quick decision on a market event and its potential impact on your portfolio.

Morning and evening summaries

Following markets can be time consuming, as such we summarise the days upcoming events in the morning, and in the evening an overview of the days market movements that impacted your portfolio.


When signing up to the app you are joining a growing community of investors. They are there to support you in managing your portfolio to source investment ideas and (hopefully) improve your portfolios performance.

We’re in beta

Currently the app is in beta, with the one major feature still in development being live trading. We keep our community updated of major feature releases. If you sign up now you will receive all the benefits of the features above, plus we’ll let you know when you can connect your brokerage account for live trading through the app.